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Social performance
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Know the true value of your social content

Creative Performance


Quickly measure your performance against your industry for any given time period. Benchmark your objectives against industry averages, or against your own previous published content.

Creative Performance

Find out what works
and why

Facebook or Instagram? Men or women? Get insights into which platform, device or demographics drive performance.

Creative Performance

Best performing

Find out which content, organic, paid or both, that performs best based on key objectives. See all your historical content and sort by KPIs of your choice.

What our customers say

I learn something new about my audience and my content every time I log into Zenbu. Hummel has 30+ Facebook pages across the world and to get any kind of overview is normally an immense process. However, Zenbu gives us clarity.

How Zenbu optimizes your
Facebook performance

Creative Performance
Creative Performance


Analyze your efforts by focusing on what's
important for your business.

Creative Performance
Creative Performance


Discover actionable insights that can
improve your content and strategy.

Creative Performance
Creative Performance


Continuously improve by using data to
create new content.