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Everything you need to measure your Facebook content in a clear, visual way

Creative Performance

Instead of looking at hundreds of metrics, tell us what matters most to you and that’s how your content will be measured.

Media Performance

Calculate everything you spend on Facebook content and we’ll tell you how your investment is paying off.

Reach Performance

See how many people you’re engaging from your target audience and how they’re reacting to your content.

Custom Reporting

Build custom reports and dashboards. Create your own report from scratch or use one of our pre-built templates for faster results.

Performance Dashboard

Track your content performance in one place. Instantly see how you compare to your competitors or other industries.

Content Analyzer

Discover which content worked best and why. Categorize your content and save searches for later.

Categorize Content

Automatic content categorization for concept and campaign tracking. Add custom tags for easier tracking.

Split Test Content

Find out which organic and paid content, that perform best, and why.

Content Optimization

Get instant learning tips on content in real time, and optimize it accordingly.

Custom Branding

Give your reports the feel of your brand by including your company's or client's logo and colors.

Custom URL

White label Zenbu with a custom URL of your own choice.

Custom Development

Looking for a particular widget? We can take care of that!

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