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I learn something new about my audience and my content every time I log into Zenbu.

Hummel has 30+ Facebook pages across the world and to get any kind of overview is normally an immense process. However, Zenbu gives us clarity. I can see where resources are well spent, and I learn what we can improve on. Benchmarking across markets that used to take me ages is readily available and their Content Explorer feature has given me a place to rediscover over performance. The same goes for reporting, which is as easy as snapping my fingers.

Zenbu helps us have better conversations about SoMe throughout the organization, while also freeing up a considerable amount of my time. No small feat and that is why we are now rolling Zenbu out on some of the biggest European markets.
Janni Mørch Iversen Digital & SoMe Planner, Hummel A/S
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