Was that Facebook post really such a great idea?

Christian Green

Christian Green

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Some marketers really should just give up on social media. Simply because they have no clue WHY they are doing it. For brand marketers, Facebook is really just a distribution platform for content. If you don’t know why you’re publishing, you have no idea how to improve - and the entire exercise becomes a pointless waste of time and money!

“Yes, we’re on Facebook”

I still often hear marketers referencing specific social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. - using the phrase “yes, we’re on Facebook” or “now we’re on Instagram too”. So what, I say, those are all just distribution channels. I rarely hear marketers talking about other media as if it was an achievement just to be “in print”, “on the internet” or “on TV”. Really any marketer should be thinking about objectives, purpose and content strategy before figuring out how to produce and distribute the content. If you have nothing to achieve and nothing to say, why bother being “on Facebook”…?

But WHY?

Is your brand “on”, but you’re not sure it’s worth it? Start by doing a simple sense-check of your social content program. Look at the big question of WHY? What are the biggest commercial reasons (one is enough) for your brand to be actively posting content in social media? It sounds obvious, but I am amazed how many marketers out there - even big ones - who have no clue why their organisations are spending time and money maintaining Facebook pages and producing endless streams of content… And, needless to say, there are no meaningful KPIs in those cases. How can you measure success if you don’t even know why you’re posting in the first place!?

Ask the hard questions

The first step is to plot the key reasons for why your company is funding content production, distribution, and monitoring of your Facebook page. Are you aiming to drive traffic/leads/sales to your website? Are you aiming to build loyalty within your existing customer base? Are you using Facebook as a means to learn more about your market and consumers to improve your product? Is it perhaps a replacement or supplement to brand advertising and positioning etc. It may be a combination - Facebook is a versatile medium. But if you can’t find a single reason, perhaps it’s time to delete your Facebook page and move on.

When you know why you can measure “how well”

Knowing “why” in simple, intuitive terms is key to making sure you have direction and purpose clearly mapped out for everyone to understand. Before you have that, there is no way of saying if your efforts were any good - simply because you don’t know what goal your content was supposed to achieve. Having clarity around purpose leads you nicely to the important exercise: Measurement and optimization. To start measuring “how well” you’re doing “on Facebook”, start by mapping those meaningful reasons to a few meaningful KPIs.

Keep it Simple

With hundreds of different metrics coming out of Facebook alone, it is easy to confuse yourself and start measuring too much. This is where our old friend simplicity comes in. If your main (or only) purpose is e.g. to drive traffic from Facebook, perhaps all you really need is to evaluate the effectiveness of your traffic-generating content. At Zenbu we offer our take on a simple framework for evaluation and optimization. Our solution may not be right for your brand(s), but our key principle anyone can benefit from. We recommend a manageable and constant set of KPIs and keeping it simple and meaningful. Don’t overmeasure.


  1. Know what success looks like before you start measuring it.
  2. Only measure what really matters to your business.

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Christian Green
Christian Green

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