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Christian Green

Christian Green

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Introducing Actionable Learnings

At Zenbu we take pride in evaluating the creative effectiveness of your content. I.e. how well your Facebook posts are delivering the desired response. But what is the point of knowing how well your post performed if you don’t know how to improve? With our new Actionable Learnings feature we are making it easier to identify areas to improve and drive more value from your content strategy.

Of course, a Facebook post must be relevant for your business and serve a marketing purpose (i.e. drive awareness, traffic to your website etc.) but how well the actual creative performs in the Facebook news feed (be it organic or as an ad) really is a matter of how it is put together. The anatomy of your post, if you like.

The anatomy of the post

When you drill down, the effectiveness of your posts really comes down to variables such as idea, topic, timing, use of copy, imagery, video etc. and, on top of that, audience targeting. But on Facebook the creative toolbox is ever expanding and nailing the best way to construct a post is (or should be) a process of continuous improvement. Even small adjustments in copy or image composition may change the outcome drastically.

Shortcut to trial and error

With many variables in play you need to find the creative best practice formula. You need to test different tactics to find out what yields the best response. However, this process can be time consuming and it’s easy to lose track. Also, it can be tricky to determine what made a difference and what was merely a coincidence. Zenbu measures performance across millions of posts across many industries and hence has a very large knowledge bank. Using this, we can identify the most common mistakes or barriers to content success. With our new Actionable Learnings feature you can now get some of these top best practice tips for content – just when you need them.

Actionable Learnings

With this new feature, Zenbu provides relevant, creative improvement tips served in Zenbu based on the actual design and performance data of each post. That allows you to quickly and easily identify opportunities for “easy wins” in terms of optimising your post creative. These handy tips are served to you when you review content using any of the features in Zenbu.

Here some examples of Actionable Learnings

  • Too many links: A common mistake – which can severely impact performance of content – is using too many links or using links the wrong way. Zenbu identifies improper use of links that may have hurt a post’s performance.
  • Embedded video: Using video incorrectly is a source of reduced performance. Facebook favours video uploaded to Facebook and if the purpose is to get video views, embedding other streaming services will often result in a lower number of views. Zenbu captures this and reminds your content creators to consider revising their creative tactics as needed.
  • Too much text: In a cluttered Newsfeed, using copy in a clever way and keeping your message short, sharp and clear based on the desired action (e.g. clicks) is essential. Depending on the purpose of the post, too much text will make the message hard to decode and reduce the number of favourable actions. Zenbu finds posts that may suffer from confusing copy so your content team can learn and improve.
  • Boost potential: Boost potential: Boosting content can be tricky and often ad budgets are not allocated in the smartest way. I.e. poorly performing posts are supported whilst top performers fail to live out a great potential. Zenbu finds opportunities for taking great content even further and helps prevent the not-so-ideal boosting.

Our catalogue of Actionable Learnings is ever-expanding as we identify new rules and best practice tips to share with our users.

If you are new to Zenbu and want to see Actionable Learnings, get in touch for a demo using your own content.

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Christian Green
Christian Green

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