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How to measure your Creative Performance

Christian Green

Christian Green

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Brands are pumping out an increasing volume of content on Facebook, hoping to reach and influence their consumers. In a cluttered news feed, it is becoming difficult to nail the creative - those “thumb-stopping” posts - to win the battle for attention. But, if you don’t have a benchmark for your creative effectiveness, chances are you will not learn and improve your content. In this article, I will share a simple technique for measuring Creative Performance of your Facebook posts or ads.

Remember the Basics: Call-to-Action

Before you can measure “how well” your Facebook post performed creatively, you need to know what it was designed to achieve. On Facebook, your target audience is exposed to your brand through posts in a newsfeed. You are posting to 1) Reach your audience and 2) Get the right response. Many marketers get carried away and confused with the many different responses you can get from your content. But the old principles of marketing communications still apply. One clear, call-to-action – or one purpose if you like – is key to making effective content in a cluttered news feed environment.

The Three Content Design Categories

To make things easy and manageable, I like to divide content into three design categories based on its desired call-to-action. I call them Love, Talk and Click. The reason being partly to help stay focused on the MAIN purpose of the post and that these three calls-to-action require different creative approaches. I use these both as design guidelines and for measuring effectiveness.

Let me clarify the categories briefly…

Click Posts - These are the posts aiming solely to drive traffic. E.g. to your online shop or marketing site. Posts in this category should be designed to maximize the click-through rate.

Talk Posts - These are the posts aiming to generate feedback from your audience. E.g. to get reviews, surveys, opinions etc. These posts should combine copy and imagery in a way that maximizes the number of comments.

Love Posts - These are the posts aiming to build “love” for your brand – or support your brand positioning if you like. E.g. in the form of inspiration or entertainment. This content should be designed to maximize the “love” from your audience. “Love” I define as a like on a Facebook post with text/images and video view on a post with video content.

How to actually measure if your content (post or ad) worked!

Once you know what your post is supposed to achieve, have designed it accordingly and published/promoted it to the best of your ability – it’s time to evaluate its creative effectiveness.

To do that, I look at the “desired call-call-to-action” (e.g. link clicks on a Click post) against the total reach of the post.

For a post in the Click category this would be the same as a click-through-rate, and then you simply do the same for Talk and Love posts. If you measure this consistently across your posts and categories over time, you can track to see if those ongoing learnings and improvements actually result in a better, more effective creative. Once you have more data, you can start seeing patterns and discover best practice for creative, timing, boosting, etc. to optimize your efforts and spend on content in social.

Index your Creative Performance

By using categories and measuring RELEVANT actions against REACH, you keep it relative and avoid the “blinded by numbers” effect – e.g. judging a click post (aiming to drive traffic to your website) by its low number of likes or vice versa.

You can set up your own system for tracking creative effectiveness over time. If you want to take it a step further, Zenbu could be an option for you. In Zenbu we categorize your content automatically, calculate the performance AND measure it against our benchmark database of other brands in your industry.

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Christian Green
Christian Green

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