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See the financial, creative, and reach performance of your Facebook content. No data sheets. Just clear, beautiful reports you can see in seconds.

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Creative Performance

Is your content performing the way it should be?

Instead of looking at hundreds of metrics, tell us what matters most to you and that’s how your content will be judged.

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Media Performance

Do your efforts outweight your spend?e

Calculate everything you spend on Facebook content and we’ll tell you if your your investment is paying off.

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Reach Performance

Are you reaching the right people?

See how many people you’re engaging from your target audience and how they’re reacting to your content.

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Make sense of your efforts with our simple yet powerful toolbox

  • Display


    Create custom reports with your own branding, and easily share with coworkers and clients.

  • KPI Overview

    Performance Dashboard

    Get a high level view of the essential KPI's where you can benchmark brands and industries.

  • Content Explorer

    Content Analyzer

    Discover what content works, and why.

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The triangle of content optimisation.



We help your focus on whats important for your business.



Key findings reveal actionable insights on your content and strategy.



Beat the Feed! - Compose your content based on ongoing learnings and continuously improve your performance.

Companies like Bosch and Pepsico use Zenbu to help them make informed decisions around their Facebook content

For the part of the industry who produces content for social media, Zenbu offers an opportunity for qualifying - and a direction for - our work. All activities are considered instrumental. You either have to get someone to act, share - or obtain feedback – and at all times keeping economic efficiency in mind. The system forces us to evaluate which tasks we have to solve through social media, but also the type of solution we should recommend and develop. Last, but not least, Zenbu makes provides qualified measurements for how the implemented effort worked. All together Zenbu can only improve our solutions. Steen Holm, CEO, Havas Worldwide Copenhagen
With Zenbu we get a quick and easy overview of how our content is performing, how much value we’re generating and if we’re reaching enough of the people that we want to influence. Zenbu takes the social media jargon out and gives us results in a few, meaningful KPIs and in plain marketing speak! Lasse Gubbertsen, Online Manager, MENY
Zenbu cuts through the hype! It lets us compare apples with apples when it comes to social media marketing performance. Finally we have a clean and simple overview of how our strategies create business value. Martin Olsen, Group CEO, Very Patchwork

See why companies like Havas Worldwide and Hummel prefer Zenbu over manual reporting or other social media reporting tools


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Retain client trust with unbiased intelligence, and win the competition of tomorrow.


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Save precious time on reporting, and make your future efforts shine.